Family Optics Day

The Boston University and New England Sections of the Optical Society of America will be hosting a Family Optics Day in September. This event will include demonstrations of optics and hands-on activities for future scientists and engineers. Optics!! Science!! Hands on activities!! Take Home Crafts!! Free Food!! Optics Professionals - bring your friends and family to explore the technology we use everyday. Science Teachers - Let us share our science and offer ideas that you can use in the class room. Anyone - optics is all around us so let us show you how to find it and how it works.     Saturday, September 17th, 11:00am - 2:00pm @ Boston University Photonics Center (9th Floor) 8 St. Mary's Street, Boston MA Family Optics Day is an educational event to expose kids (of all ages) to the fascinating area of optics.  Structured like a science fair, there will be separate tables, each presenting a demonstration on different aspects of optics.  All demonstrations are hands on, and some will involve making/building a take home craft. (Kaleidoscopes, beaded bracelets that change colors in the sun)  The event is free, including plenty of free food. So, come learn how lenses work (with Jello!), why the primary colors aren't actually red blue and yellow, how to send music across a room using a laser pointer, and much much more! Parking: 4-hour street parking is easily available on Saturday along Saint Mary's St, Cummington St., Commonwealth Ave, and Beacon St. This event is open to the general public, so please bring your friends! For more information, go to or