April 18, 2013 - Peter Goldstein

Solid State Lighting a Modern Revolution

Joint Meeting with the Society for Information Display

Optikos will have optical toys on display for this meeting. Please feel free to your own toys to share with the audience.

Solid-state lighting is leading a transformation of the lighting industry from incandescent and fluorescent light sources to LEDs.  This transformation has brought about a whole new way of thinking that changes not only how we design lighting products, but also how and where we use those products.  For example, engineers are now thinking about chromaticity and color rendering.  They are inventing new ways to shape the distribution of the light to achieve lighting and illumination effects that were not possible in the past.  Lighting designers are using LED products to change rooms, buildings, and landmarks into colorful and dynamic expressions of creativity.  While lighting of past ages was static and functional, new LED technologies have made lighting products a means to transform an environment with colorful and dynamic effects.


This is a two-part presentation concerning LED lighting.  The first part is a scientific look at different ways of measuring color differences using MacAdam ellipses, the "uniform" color space u'v', and Delta E.  In the second part of the presentation we will see examples of LED lighting systems that create unique lighting effects from rooms to bridges to buildings all around the world.


Peter Goldstein, Philips Color Kinetics

Peter Goldstein graduated from The Optical Sciences Center at The University of Arizona in 2005.  His research interests include illumination design techniques, software algorithms, and numerical optimization.  Peter Goldstein is an optical engineer at Philips Color Kinetics where he designs optics for a variety of LED lighting products.  Prior to that he designed LED traffic lights and LED airfield lights.  Many of the products he has designed can be found at intersections, airports, and buildings near you.




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